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Excellent Scottish Crime Fiction by Helen Forbes

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Queen of Grime

The Queen of Grime is about to pay.
Big time.

Erin Flett is used to clearing up the sad debris of forgotten lives and tragic deaths. A crime and trauma scene cleaner from a deprived Edinburgh housing estate, she’s made a good life for herself and her daughter. But a secret from the past is about to catch up with her...


A Queen of Grime novella

Erin Flett is in a rut. Short of money. Dead-end job. And an ex who’s determined to make her life as difficult as possible.

A sudden death surrounded in mystery sets her on an unexpected course. Could it be the answer to all her problems? Maybe.

Meanwhile, Erin finds herself unwittingly dragged into the mystery, in search of answers. Determined to protect those close to her, she has to put things right, even if it leads her into danger.

Spoils of the Dead

Spoils of the Dead is a prequel novella in the Queen of Grime series. It is available free as an e-book to all email subscribers. Subscribe using the form at the bottom of the page.



A compelling Edinburgh crime thriller

Lily Andersen has it all. A beautiful son, a wealthy fiancé and a luxury apartment in Edinburgh. But Lily is living a lie that will entangle her in a dangerous web of deceit.

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A gripping tale of dark secrets, lies and murder

Incarcerated in the gloom of a Highland asylum, a young mother finds illicit love. And death. Can her daughter unravel the twisted truth and save her own life?


In the Shadow of the Hill

Tragedy and vengeance in the magical beauty
of the Outer Hebrides

A clue left at the scene of an Inverness murder takes a reluctant DS Joe Galbraith back to the beautiful Isle of Harris, where he spent his childhood. In the shadow of Ceapabhal, he finds himself caught up once again in memories and events he'd hoped to forget. As the investigation takes a sinister turn, endangering the lives of his loved ones, Joe discovers there is no escaping the past.

Madness Lies cover edited.jpg

Madness Lies

The second DS Joe Galbraith novel

Though physically recovered from the trauma of his last investigation, the dreams and memories are taking their toll on Detective Sergeant Joe Galbraith. Now he has to deal with the fatal shooting of a councillor in the middle of Inverness, a girlfriend with a potentially life-threatening condition, and a useless colleague that he detests. With the discovery of another body, and a vicious and elusive killer on the loose, things are not looking good. Set in Inverness, North Uist and London, the tale reaches a terrifying denouement at the notorious Black Rock Gorge.

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