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A new year and another new book ...

Happy new year to all my readers. It's been a blustery start to 2022 here in North Uist, in contrast to the perfect walking weather of the last few days of 2021. A trip to North Uist is never complete without a walk at Scolpaig, one of my favourite places, and the inspiration behind my publishing imprint, Scolpaig Press. It's always an added bonus when the islands of St Kilda are visible on the horizon, beyond Haskeir.

The beaches were looking fabulous too.

Despite the strange times we're in, 2021 has been a busy year. In July, I published Unravelling, my psychological thriller set in Inverness, and featuring Craig Dunain, the former psychiatric hospital. I've been delighted with the reviews. Keep them coming, please! Reviews are so important for authors and readers.

No sooner was Unravelling out there, than I was getting ready to launch Deception, my Edinburgh based crime thriller. I'm delighted to say it'll be released on 17th January 2022, so the countdown has begun!

This is the first official unveiling of the cover, which I'm very pleased with.

The back cover blurb:

Lily Anderson has it all. A beautiful son, a wealthy fiancé, and a luxury apartment in Edinburgh. But Lily is living a lie. Estranged from her family, she’s tired of covering up the truth about her relationship with Nathan Collesso.

Lily’s not the only one with troubles. Her friend, Sam, is being pursued mercilessly by a rogue cop determined to silence him. Living on the streets, Sam sees and knows too much.

As Lily’s wedding approaches, a desperate bid to escape leaves her with a head injury and a missing fiancé. Did she harm Nathan? Did she kill him? She can’t remember.

The net tightens, entangling Lily and Sam in a web of deception that stretches from Edinburgh to Poland. Hard truths come to light, and every decision Lily has made since the day she met Nathan Collesso comes back to haunt her.

One false move, and she could lose her son, her friends and her life.

Early feedback from a few select readers is encouraging. Fingers crossed for good sales and more good reviews. Deception has been a long time coming, for various reasons, so it's really exciting to have reached this stage.

I'm now working on the second novel in the Queen of Grime series, which features Erin Flett, an Edinburgh crime and trauma scene cleaner. Hopefully, there will be some news about the release of Queen of Grime before too long.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope this is a wonderful year for you all.

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