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A matter of time

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

December 2, 2017

Hello. I've never written a blog. My writing experience consists of somewhat dry legalistic documents and reports for courts, statements of reasons, and conveyancing documents. This doesn't lend itself to the type of amusing, chatty discourse that I presume blog readers enjoy. But I've also written a few novels and short stories. Does that help? I hope so. In this, my first (very short) blog post, I just wanted to say hello and welcome and please read my books, In the Shadow of the Hill and Madness Lies. Police procedural crime novels, both are set in Inverness and the Outer Hebrides, with minor detours to other places of interest, including Kirkcaldy and London. I also wanted to introduce the main character, DS Joe Galbraith, a flawed and somewhat introverted thirty-something. I can hear you groan. Why is the lead detective always flawed? Well, most main characters are. Who wants to read about someone that's completely sorted? He's not a recovering alcoholic or a bent cop; just someone that struggles in his relationships with others and doubts himself more than he should. Some of the reasons for the struggle and the doubts become clear as In the Shadow of the Hill progresses, delving into Joe's family's troubled past. So you really have to read the book to find out more. At almost every author event I've participated in, someone has asked who would play Joe Galbraith on screen. It's funny to hear how different readers see Joe, and an animated discussion usually follows. Currently, my favourites are Ben Aldridge and Luke Norris. (Not that I've been approached by anyone that wants to convert In the Shadow of the Hill to the screen, but it can only be a matter of time ...) I'll be back soon, with more about the books, the characters, the settings, and a little about the recently completed standalone psychological thriller. Have a wonderful weekend, readers.

Ceapabhal, taken from North Uist

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